Article 1 Duration of the stay

The signatory tenant of the present contract concluded for definite duration can take advantage on no account of a some right  for the preservation in places at the conclusion of the stay.

Article 2 Conclusion of the contract 

The booking becomes actual from the reception by the owner of a deposit (advance payment) of 50 % of the total amount of the rent and the copy of the contract signed before date indicated above.

The rent concluded between the parts can benefit on no account even partially in thirds (third parties) except agreement written by the owner.

Any malpractice against this clause may pull (entail) the immediate termination of the contract in the disadvantages of the tenant, the product of the rent remaining definitively acquired to the owner.

Article 3: cancellation of the rent

 Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter or telegram to the owner

A -  cancellation before the arrival in places: the deposit (advance) remains acquired to the owner. This one can ask for the balance of the amount of the stay if the cancellation intervenes less than 30 days before date foreseen (planned) by entrance (entry) to places.

If the tenant does not show himself within 24 hours which follow the date of arrival indicated on the contract, the present contract becomes no and the owner can have his property. The deposit (advance) remains also acquired to the owner who will ask for the balance of the rent.

B-If the stay is shortened, the price of the rent remains acquired to the owner. He( it) will be proceeded to no refund (repayment).

Article 4 cancellation by the owner

The owner puts back to the tenant the double of the collected sums.

Article 5 Arrived

The tenant has to appear in the day and at the hour clarified on the present contract. In case of late arrival, the tenant has to prevent the owner.

Article 6: regulation (payment) of the balance

The balance of the rent is paid in the entrance into places.

Article 7 inventory and statement of state of repair

An inventory is established and signed by the tenant and the owner for the arrival and from the property. This inventory establishes the only reference in case of dispute concerning inventory and statement of state of repair. The state of cleanliness in the arrival must be noticed in the inventory and statement of state of repair. The cleaning of premises is chargeable to the tenant during the period of rent and before its departure as well as the made and appropriate (clean) dishes (crockery).

Beds are made for the arrival. Sheets will be picked by the tenant in the daytime of the departure

Article 8 Deposit

 A the arrival of the tenant a deposit indicated above is asked by the owner. After the contradictory establishment of the inventory and statement of state of repair of exit, this deposit is restored for the period  not exceeding one week, deduction made by the cost of restoration of places if damages were noticed.

Article 9 Use of places

The tenant will have to assure the peaceful character of the rent and make use of it according to the destination of places. The present contract is established for a maximum capacity of 4 persons. The owner can refuse the supplementary persons.

 Article 10 Insurances

The tenant is responsible for all the damages arising of his fact. It is invited to sign an insurance contract type-holiday resort for these various risks.

Article 11 Payment of loads(responsibilities)

At the end of stay the tenant has to settle utilities fees not included in the price. Their amount becomes established on the basis of calculation mentioned on the present contract.